Helpful 6 Top Shopping Tips from a Home Furnishing Store

For exceptional home designs, The Great Cover-Up is the best home furnishings store in St. Louis. With the right shopping tips, you’ll have the know-how and expert advice to discover which pieces will fulfill your design dreams! We have a team of talented designers ready to transform your house into a home.

Styling your space requires great attention to detail. Planning your home improvement project helps start the process with specific steps to guide your search for the perfect furniture, artwork, or décor. Here are some top shopping tips from a home furnishing store in St. Louis to get you started.

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Helpful 6 Shopping Tips for Your Guide

#1. Shop with Intent

Doing research before shopping at your home furnishings store in St. Louis will save you from stress during your search. You can prepare by gathering an item list for each room and a floor plan map.

In addition to your lists and floor plan, take pictures of each room and the specific areas for furniture. These materials will guide you in choosing the best pieces for your place.

#2. Measure Your Space

Before beginning your search, you need to know your size limitations. Measuring available space’s length, width, and height will save you time and energy when shopping. Label which measurements are for which areas in the notes app on your phone or a piece of paper in your wallet. Remember to bring a tape measure when you shop for your perfect items.

#3. Visualize with Tape and Boxes

After measuring your available spaces, you can mark the areas with painter’s tape. Taking this extra step will help you visualize furniture placement. Consider the traffic flow from the doorways and throughout the room with the marked areas.

If you have furniture in the room, like a sofa, think about the best height for an end table or bookcase. You don’t want to add pieces to the room that don’t complement the other furniture. To fully consider the most flattering height for your new furniture, stack empty boxes inside the taped spaces.

Plan to ensure that there will be adequate lighting for your room. You may decide you want a central chandelier rather than table lamps for your light source. Remember to map out where you’ll place your light fixtures when designing your furniture layout.

#4. Document Desired Details

Along with your measurement notes, include details about your desired preferences for the items you might consider purchasing. Note any color, amount, shape, or style you want for specific pieces.

These details will serve as guidelines and make your search less daunting. They will also remind you of the intended plans you imagined when you were physically there reviewing your space.

#5. Take Your Time

Finding the perfect items for your home is not an overnight process. The pieces that decorate your space will play a part in your environment and should create a sense of comfort. Don’t put a deadline on your project; only buy what you love.

#6. Check with Family and Friends

You want others to feel as comfortable in your home as you do. Your family and friends are the people you share your space with. When they visit, your home should create a sense of comfort while reflecting your style.

Your loved ones know who you are and what you like. They can provide great insight and feedback on whether they feel your furniture choices will enhance your space. Asking for their opinion is an excellent way to gain a different yet valuable perspective.

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