Best 8 Wall Covering Ideas for Luxury Homes

Simply painting your walls in a room of your home can add some needed color to any space, however with newer items on the market today, you can be inspired to get creative and make something truly spectacular. Many times, just splashing a coat of paint on a wall just won’t do your area justice, nor will hanging artwork on a wall because these are not one size fits all solutions.

Unique interior wall coverings will give you a lot of personality and interest in your home to create a feature wall, add color to it, and bring those walls to life. You have several modern options available.

8 Best Wall Covering Ideas for Luxury Home

1. Modern Wall Coverings

A modern approach to wall covering ideas is the use of the wall as the focal point instead of hanging items on it, you use the wall itself. Your best approach is to add wall coverings that span the entire length and width of the wall and use bold patterns and colors for eye-catching appeal.

Traditionally, you would choose the largest wall to make it a focal point in any room or space. Today, the modern take on it is to use any wall, even a smaller tucked-away wall to feature. This can be your hallway walls, your bathroom, or a wall that lines a staircase. You can use different textiles on the walls, such as brick, fabric or paneling, or even wood.

2. Wall Papering Walls Ideas


Newer luxury home wallpapers can be a fantastic wall covering in your home. It’s much easier to manage than the old-fashioned wallpaper with messy paste, time-consuming smoothing, and a nightmare when you wanted to change it. Modern wallpaper is pretreated with glue, and you can remove it easily to create a more temporary approach that can be easily changed.

The ease of application allows a wallpapering job to be done quickly in an entire room. If that’s too much for you, you can instead only put wallpaper on one wall for a focal point.

Modern patterns include geometric patterns or any pattern with a metallic accent to lighten and brighten your wall. You can choose wallpaper with a bold repeating design that includes one to three colors and use copper, silver, gold, or rose gold foil on top to add depth and dimension.

Stick to larger patterns for larger rooms and smaller patterns for smaller rooms, such as your bathroom.

3. Graphic Wall Art

Wallpaper is available in vinyl materials with a wonderful range of graphic wall areas to serve as a mural, without actually painting a mural on the wall. The graphic wall art will be in several different panels to place on the wall in a certain order.

Some non-repeating patterns of graphic wall art allow you to put it up in no particular order as long as the patterns align with each other for the separate panels. Your best bet is to measure the wall first and choose a design that fits your available space. You can find florals, outdoor scenery, beach scenery, and just about anything you can think of.

4. Going Bold in The Powder Room

If you have a half bath or a powder room, don’t be afraid to use patterns with bright colors from the ceiling to the floor level to cover at least one entire wall. Instead of making your space looks smaller, it actually brings it to life in a vibrant fashion.

If you find this overwhelming, you can instead use wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall and put wallpaper in an intricate and bright-colored print on the top half of the wall. This idea for interior design service in St. Louis makes your bathroom feel larger, and the walls will look taller as well. Make sure you use teak or cedar wood that can withstand the heat and humidity of a bathroom.

Wainscoting Isn’t Only for Dining Rooms

decorating with blue and white porcelain

The original use of wainscoting was for the dining room, and it is topped with a chair rail to keep chairs from scratching the walls. Simply adding wainscoting painted white in your hallways with a plain white wall on the top half, adds a sense of style and beauty.

Wainscoting an entire wall really gives it dimension and character as a backdrop for interior decor to hang on it. Generally, for this idea, you will have the wainscoting on the bottom and top the same height and width with center panels of wainscoting that are about two to three times as tall. This looks best in larger rooms and more traditional styles of homes.

5. Ship Lap and Wood Planks

These wall coverings ideas work well for a room with a beach theme or a more Southwestern or rustic theme. You use shiplap and then paint it in any color you wish, or decorative wood planks that are available in many different shades of stain.

Reclaimed wood gives you a large variety of the grain, size, color, and types of wood for even more interest on your walls. Walls look more creative with several different sizes and colors on them. Horizontal patterns go along quite fast when your put shiplap or wood planks on a wall, or you can place them vertically to add visual height to your walls and make your ceilings appear taller.

6. Tile for Wall Coverings

Traditionally tile of any type or style was reserved for kitchen and bathrooms–not anymore. Tile is available in so many fantastic colors, sizes and types that you can enlist its help for any wall in any room that you wish.

You may decide to have a neutral color tile with a horizontal runner on a wall in a highly decorative and bright pattern to liven up any space. Using horizontal tiles running horizontally, makes your room feel longer. Use smaller tiles to make an entire room look larger, or use some modern trendy tile that comes in unique shapes such as hexagons, pentagons, scallops, or trapezoids.

7. Modern Wood Panels

dining 1 scaled

Choose professionally finished and mounted wood panels for a sleek and stylish accent on your walls. The addition of hidden LED lights that glow softly through the edges of each tile where it intersects another makes a show-stopping display to add artwork on shelves to it.

8. Bathrooms Coming Alive

Living walls are exceptionally comforting in bathrooms where you have natural moisture, and it gives you a Zen and spa-like atmosphere. Be sure to choose air plants, moss or another type of plant that loves tropical temperatures to survive.

These luxury wall-covering ideas can get your artistic juices flowing to create something unique for your home. At The Great Cover Up Interior Design, we live and breathe all products for interior design and home furnishings in St. Louis. We invite you to stop by our gallery to get inspiration and a helping hand in beautifying the walls in your luxury home.