Find Hundreds of Design & Decorating Ideas on Pinterest

Perhaps you have heard of or even fallen under the spell of Pinterest. A client brought Pinterest to my attention in its early stages when she revealed her idea board. The photos she showed me were instrumental to her decorating project. Pinterest did not immediately appeal to me, but I established an account and began “pinning.” I began to follow people with exquisite taste whose pins I repined to my board. You can even comment on your own or other people’s pins. I often leave feedback about a recipe I tried, it is a success or not. There are a lot of decorating ideas on Pinterest, as well.

SD-46_7_8_tonemappedAt first, I intended to keep only pictures of interior design displaying beautiful rooms and gorgeous window treatments. I was quickly drawn to all of the wonderful ideas for holiday decorating, recipes, and design. Before I knew what had happened, I had collected dozens of category boards with hundreds of pins. I have become somewhat of a Pinterest addict by seeing the wisdom of being able to quickly browse an assortment of pictures that appeal to me, then saving them to a category board for future reference.

The biggest benefit is that when you are ready to use one of your pins, whether it be a recipe or idea, you simply click on the photo and the amazing world of Pinterest redirects you to the blog or website that originally displayed the photo. There, a list of ingredients or supplies appears and the world is your oyster! Print out the recipe or instruction if you choose, or use the idea and exit when you are finished. You could even call it green.

I find that I have thousands of recipes at my fingertips without reams of paper stacked or misplaced or being mystified as to which book contains my favorite gooey butter cake recipe. Pinterest is not necessarily a timesaver, but the collector/designer/entertainer in me sees it as an endless idea book that can be accessed from my computer, iPad, or smartphone. It is amazing what is out there in the cyber world; there is so much to see but so little time. Maybe you would like to “follow” me. Go to