Grasscloth: What is it and How Can I Use it In My Home?

Creating a warm and inviting room begins with the walls. This is the key to setting up the backdrop for artwork and precious family pictures.

Grasscloth, made of woven plant fibers, is a stylish option when you are wanting to add texture and depth to a room. The color palette is endless from timeless neutrals for a more traditional feel to shimmering metallic for that statement room. Grasscloth it is! My personal favorites are the printed grasscloths. They have a rustic texture and then add a touch of elegance with a print, such as damask. There are countless manufacturers that we carry in the store, among them include Thibaut, Phillip Jefferies, Schumacher, Scalamandre, and Lee Jofa.

Glazed Abaca GrassclothGrasscloth can range in cost from $15 – $200 per yard depending on which manufacturer is selected. When considering grasscloth, it is important to keep in mind that it is a natural fiber and should avoid getting wet. Can it be hung in the bathroom? Yes, but choose wisely, because if you have children, it is not recommended. Instead, choose a room where it can be showcased and is not affected by little, wet fingers. If you are sold on the look of grasscloth, there are faux papers that are washable. Also, something to consider is that the seams in the grasscloth are visible when hung. This is a part of its character of being a natural fiber. If the seams bother you, Phillip Jefferies has a collection called Simply Seamless that you may want to consider.

Thibaut Grasscloth Wallpaper

Thibaut has an amazing collection of grasscloths that are a little more reasonably priced than some competitors. It is priced by the four-yard roll versus by the yard which can add up if you are purchasing for a large area. When it comes to vibrant colors Phillip Jefferies is the line to view. Their book, Fashionista, has a huge variety of bold colors that can add a punch of flair to any drab area. Hot pink, turquoise, even a Moroccan print can be found to name a few.

Schumacher’s Luxe Lodge Wallcovering

Schumacher’s Luxe Lodge book captures the warmth that nature brings through its fresh interpretation of the herringbone pattern. It is available in tan, bone, smoke, java, and moss. One of these colors is sure to add the sophistication that you are seeking.

Scalamandré Wallpaper

Scalamandre is known for its attention to detail and its signature classics. The zebra wallcovering is an example and is now printed on grasscloth in silver, natural and red colorways.

Lee Jofa Wallpaper

Lee Jofa, recognized for its elegance and style, manufactures one of our favorite grasscloths, Willow Lake. This amazing grasscloth is an Asian scene printed in china blue on creamy white sisal. It is stunning and is sure to dazzle even the most discriminating observer.