When is it time to call in a Designer?

Many people dwell on this topic. Are you overwhelmed? Has your little renovation project become a whole house makeover? Do you know the difference between plaid and paisley? People often think… “I can do it myself“, “What will my friends think if I use a Designer?“, “I don’t make enough money to hire a Designer“, “How will the Designer know what I want?” All of these points and questions are valid, I hope I can make the answers a bit more clear.

“I Can Do It Myself”

Yes, you probably can, but ask yourself… Do I have the TIME to dedicate to the project that it deserves? Do I know how and where to look for the things I need or want? Do I truly know WHAT I want? Do I know a painter, wallpaper hanger, drapery workroom, and an installer? Do I possess the knowledge to put everything together in a timely manner and make it a successful project? Most importantly… Do I WANT to do it myself?

What Will My Friends Think If I Use A Designer?

You know, some of your friends probably use a designer. They may be impressed, or, they might even think you are crazy not to have help. Some of them will brag about using a Designer and some of them will take all the credit for themselves, even if they used one. Ask around. You may get a referral or two, or you may find that your friends would love to find someone to help them too. Choose a friend whose home you admire, and ask how they did it. Most people will be happy to share the secret of who helped them pull their look together.

I Don’t Make Enough Money To Hire A Designer

You are certainly not the first one to think this. You should be able to find help no matter what price range you would to stay in. Many stores offer services if you purchase products from them. Inquire at the shops you enjoy shopping at to see what your options might be. Many Designers offer services based on an hourly rate. Always be sure you know what you are getting for this fee, and in fact, when you are actually on the clock. For example, “research time” or “driving time” can be a cost you may not think of. Don’t underestimate what a Designer is worth to you. Mistakes are costly and frustrating when they come in the form of a sofa that is the wrong scale for the room, or that won’t fit through a doorway or staircase. The Great Cover-Up offers a no-fee complimentary in-home consultation. Appointments with Teddy Karl are available any day, evening, or weekend. Call us at 314-995-5701 today to set your appointment or visit us Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am until 5:00 pm.

How Will The Designer Know What I Want?

Every designer has his or her own style. It is the Designer’s job to discuss with you your project goals, priorities, budget, use, style, color, time frame, and even the extent to which you wish to be involved. Designers are not minded readers, so it is imperative that you are forthcoming with preconceived ideas and thoughts. Even if you don’t know exactly what you DO want, you more than likely know what you DON’T want. Sometimes that is the more effective approach so as not to squash your Designer’s creativity. Often, by listening to a client, a Designer will discover that what they originally asked for is not what they were truly looking for. In closing, a Designer is your friend and confidant, someone to make suggestions and share ideas, someone to talk you down from those costly mistakes. Let us use our knowledge and experience to help make your home everything you’ve always wished it could be.

—As printed in Uptown Magazine 12/07