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The Great Cover-Up offers full interior design services specializing in custom window coveringscustom furniture, and re-upholstery.

No project is too small or large for our workroom and design staff. Visit our store in Ladue or contact us for a complimentary design consultation to begin creating your dream space today!

We work closely with you and blend your wishes with our vast experience to meet – and exceed — your expectations.

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With You In Mind

We design with heartfelt intelligence, driven to create interiors precisely suited to reflect your personality, passions, and lifestyle. Every project matters. Whether it’s new family room furniture or a home that flows cohesively and transitions effortlessly from one room to the next, our design experience is exceptional from start to finish.

Our Design Philosophy

Design a space around how you live.

A room can have a wonderful design with brand-name furniture and expensive upholstery, but if it does not suit the person or family living there, they will not be happy with it. That’s why our design team asks many questions before a single item or color is chosen. Does the family have kids or dogs? Does the family have a very active lifestyle, or is the room supposed to be an oasis away from that? What are their jobs like? For example, if mom is a nurse that works the night shift, a bedroom with room-darkening elements might be in order.

Adapt what you have.

The main goal of any design is to make a house a home for a client. This often means working with what they have and finding ways to refresh the look or add a little whimsy. As principal designer Teddy Karl says, “Any designer can lay out a show house where you start from scratch; the real challenge comes with working with a client and adapting their space to their liking.”

Be candid about your budget so you can splurge where it matters.

If at any point a client feels uncomfortable with the design’s direction or they feel like the quoted prices are adding up a little too quickly, that’s the time to pause and address it. We must know where we need to splurge, and where we don’t! 

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Build a long-term relationship.

The best design projects are ongoing adaptations. As a home is lived in and used, its charms and constraints become more apparent. A long-term relationship with a client allows the design team to continually update and improve a space, keeping the look fresh. Nearly 80% of our customers are repeat clients who keep coming back to The Great Cover-Up for advice and ideas.

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Who Are Our Ideal Clients?

“Our style has sometimes been called “traditional classic, but with a little fun thrown in.”

Some of our most loyal clients and followers have said, “You know, I always LOVED that piece in my grandmother’s house…can we make something like that work in our home?” It’s that combination of traditional elegance and craftsmanship with a younger, more fun sensibility that has made our designs stand out in clients’ minds.

We connect with people who were brought up with nicer things and had good taste. We thoroughly enjoy helping them find just the right elements to bring out the personality in their spaces—whether that’s a pop of color, an unexpected print, or a cool piece of furniture that brings a modern flair to a more traditional design.

We feel, deep down, that the point of having a place like The Great Cover-Up is to bring more beautiful things into the spaces we inhabit. The highest compliment we could ever get (and have gotten!) from a client is, “Oh, I just love your store! And everything in it! I could move in here.”